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Parts for 42iQ Trace Level NO-NO2-NOx Analyzer

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View101680-00Ammonia Scrubber EA$140.73
View113371-90ASSY, PCB, TESTED SCBEA$2,419.00
View113458-00PCB ASSY FRONT PANEL USB BDEA$1,005.00
View113844-00PCB ASSEMBLY, iQ PSB BDEA$816.00
View114050-00PMT, 42iTL, 42iY, 17IEA$3,517.00
View114664-00PCB ASSY, STEP MODULE 2 BOARDEA$623.00
View114675-12CABLE ASSY, DMC, 12"EA$184.00
View114675-15CABLE ASSY, DMC, 15"EA$214.50
View114675-24CABLE ASSY DMC, 24"EA$58.50
View114835-00EAR, RACKEA$128.00
View114844-00COVER, INSTRUMENTEA$201.50
View115360-00DISPLAY, 24 BIT, WINSTAREA$307.00
View115482-00PCB ASSEMBLY, ANALOG USER IOEA$2,007.00
View115635-02ASSY, POWER SUPPLY, 24/48VDCEA$1,029.12
View116752-00ASSY, FAN, iQ REAR PANELEA$138.00
View116982-00ASSY, MOLY CONVERTER CAN, iQEA$2,679.68
View117004-00FUSE, 250V, SLO, 6.3A, CERAMICEA$13.00
View117076-00Assy,Low Temp O3 Conv, iQEA$108.00
View117100-00ASSY, OZONATOR BRKT, 42iQEA$2,092.00
View117127-00REACTION CHAMBER, 42iQEA$222.00
View117165-00Assy, PMT Cooler, 42iQEA$970.96
View117207-00Assy, Fitting, SolenoidEA$685.00
View117232-00CABLE, ASSY, THERMISTOR, 42iQEA$174.00
View117272-0342iQ Cooler/Reaction Chamber, 42iQTLEA$8,904.00
View117359-00Assy, Manifold, Valve, Zero/SpanEA$1,382.00
View117398-00Assy, Converter/Heater, MolyEA$1,571.00
View117613-92PCB, Flowpres, DMC, DoubleEA$296.00
View117712-00KIT,O-RINGS,iQ CAPILLARY 10/PKEA$26.00
View117839-16PLUG, TERM BLOCK, 16POS 3.5MMEA$31.00
View117872-00ELEM, FLITER, 80MM,30PPI,5/PKGEA$41.00
View119475-00Kit, 42iQTL Recommended includes: 1x Fan Filter (5/pk), 1x 4119 Capillary, 1x 4126 Capillary, 2x 9212 O-Ring (5/pk), 2x 9464 Pump Repair Kit $946.40
View121102-00Kit, Ext Maintenance, 42iQTL includes: 1x Ozonator Transformer Assy, 1x Perm Dryer Assy, 1x PMT, 1x PS Assy, 1x Rear Panel Fan Assy, 1x PMT/Cooler DMC PCB Tested, 1x Moly Converter PCB Tested, 1x Micro SD with S/W, 1x Ozonator PCB Tested, 1x 48vDC Band Heater, 1x PMT Cooler Assy, 1x Thermistor Assy, 1x Moly Converter/Heater Assy, 1x Ozonator Assy $13,285.00
View4119Capillary, .008 I.D., 1.50 RedEA$82.50
View4126Capillary, .020 I.D., 1.50 BlueEA$84.00
View4334Elbow 1/4 TO 1/8 TeflonEA$93.60
View4339Window,Glass,2.00 DIA, .062EA$136.50
View4403Fitting, Elbow, Male, SS, 1/8TEA$36.40
View4430Ftg, Elbow,1/4T OD,1/8 NPT,SSEA$35.10
View4806ORING,1.739ID, 1.879 OD,.07CSDEA$3.90
View4821ORING,2.114 ID,2.254 OD,.07CSDEA$2.91
View4822ORING,1.424 ID,1.63 OD,.103CSDEA$5.20
View5510Tubing, Teflon, 1/8 ODEA$20.00
View5726Silicone Heat Sink CompoundEA$97.50
View5771Grease Hi Vacuum ACIEA$138.00
View8553Mounting BracketsEA$32.50
View9212O-Ring (5/PK)EA$22.00
View9257Insulator, TopEA$40.30
View9452FEM Run TeeEA$204.10
View9453Nipple RecoverEA$39.00
View9973Ozonator AssemblyEA$905.00