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Services & Support

Thermo Fisher Scientific is committed to providing comprehensive service offerings to ensure our products perform according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our customizable and flexible service solutions meet your budget, productivity, uptime, and regulatory requirements.

Partner with us for service to keep your focus where it needs to be while we handle maximizing instrument uptime.

In addition to certified parts, we also offer:

  • Preventive maintenance
    Field service engineers perform proactive routine inspections and standard procedures to ensure equipment performance is at or near the same level achieved at installation. Procedures may include overall general inspection and clean-up, replacement of worn parts, general performance testing, tuning, and more.
  • Certified field services & depot repair
    Leverage our extensive network of trained engineers, representatives, and dedicated specialists worldwide to maximize your instrument uptime.
  • Training
    Learn from our certified, professional staff with instructor-led webinars or on-site training. Training offerings and availability are dependent based on the product line.
  • Technical Support
    A team of subject matter experts is ready to guide you with troubleshooting and maintenance questions.