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Parts for Ezx

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View084222Thermo Scientific Glass Test Card 3.5mm Soda Lime EA$34.72
View084223Thermo Scientific Glass Test Card 4.0mm Soda Lime EA$34.72
View085243Lead curtain infeed/outfeed (for models 5XX or 4XX)EA$575.57
View085244Lead curtain infeed/outfeed for models 2XXEA$380.80
View085254Belt for model 4XXEA$569.74
View085255Belt for model 2XXEA$386.40
View085260Key for door (triangular)EA$43.34
View085262Relay K10EA$165.87
View085542drive roller assy, 400mmEA$1,629.60
View086954Lead curtain, 500/400 X50, centerEA$336.00
View086955Lead curtain, 500/400 X100, centerEA$497.71
View086956Lead curtain, 500/400 X200, centerEA$836.64
View093256Belt, urethane, 430X4282,whtEA$884.80
View098766tail roller assy, 500mmEA$2,478.00
View104339bearing tailEA$65.07
View121859Non-lead Curtain, infeed/outfeed (for 500/400 X200)EA$1,009.79
View121860Non-lead Curtain, 500/400X200, centerEA$750.06
View170538Pressure regulator with filterEA$1,663.65