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Parts for AutoPILOT PRO™Multi-Run Hydrocarbon Flow Computer

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3-0447-005Modem - 212 Kit w/o RS232 Cable (Metal Enclosure)EA$884.00
3-0447-048MS 212 CableEA$109.00
3-0479-010Modem - 202 Kit w/o RS232 Cable (Metal Enclosure)EA$739.00
3-0479-018RS232/RS485 Converter Kit (Metal Enclosures)EA$953.00
3-0482-013Antenna Cable (35')EA$146.00
View3-0485-058AutoPILOT Non Active Cable - 28"EA$59.00
View3-0485-068AutoPILOT Modem - 212 Kit w/ Active CableEA$1,113.00
View3-0485-069AutoPILOT Modem - 202 Kit w/o RS232 CableEA$568.00
View3-0485-121Internal Antenna Cable 12" (Coaxial Protector - Radio)EA$90.00
View3-0485-151AutoPILOT Active Cable 28"EA$178.00
View3-0485-227AutoPILOT Modem Splitter Kit - Div 2EA$346.00
3-0485-328AP-Low Cost Radio Ready Kit w/o RS232 CableEA$320.00
View3-0485-411MDS Radio Ready w/Poly for AP LCSEA$680.00
View3-0485-434AutoPILOT AutoWAVE Radio Kit w/ Coaxial ProtectorEA$1,363.00
View3-0485-439AutoPILOT LCS AutoWAVE Radio Kit w/ Coaxial ProtectorEA$1,388.00
View3-0485-450AP CDPD Radio-Ready Kits w/Coaxial ProtectorEA$626.00
3-0485-468MDS Radio Ready Kit w/ Coaxial Protector (less Radio) See Notes: 1EA$352.00
View3-0485-502AutoPILOT MDS Radio Sampling CableEA$96.00
View3-0485-580Transnet Com Cable (Williams)EA$62.00
3-0485-603AutoPILOT Tri-Mode Cell Phone with Coaxial ProtectorEA$1,589.00
View3-0485-612-04Transnet MDS 900 Mghz Radio, Coax-ProtEA$2,397.00
View3-0485-613-02Transnet MDS 900 Mghz Caseless Radio Ready kit, Coax-Prot.EA$353.00
View3-0485-613-04Transnet MDS 900 Mghz Caseless Radio, Coax Prot.EA$1,173.00
View3-0485-617-02ASSY,XNET900 CASE-LESS RRK COAX PROT,APEA$550.00
7-0132-112Mounting Ground KitEA$41.00
7-0132-114Antenna Telescopic MastEA$428.00
7-0132-119Omni Antenna Mounting KitEA$65.00
7-0132-202Yagi Antenna 890-960 MHzEA$502.00
7-0132-205Omni Antenna 806-970MHzEA$186.00
7-0132-208Yagi Antenna Scala Broadband 890-960 MHzEA$368.00
7-0132-221Omni Antenna High GainEA$327.00
7-0132-226Yagi Bluewave Antenna High Gain (Spread Spectrum) - N MaleEA$324.00
7-0132-228LMR 400 Cable 30'EA$142.00
7-0132-233LMR 600 Cable 75'EA$347.00
7-0132-234LMR 400 Cable 20'EA$108.00
7-0132-235Yagi Antenna Bluewave High Gain (Spread Spectrum) - N FemaleEA$365.00
7-0132-239Yagi Antenna Bluewave DB12 - 960 Mhz (Red) - N FemaleEA$435.00
View7-9999-988MDS9710B w/DiagnosticsEA$3,184.00