LevelPRO Series of Gauges

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3-0700-010Cable, HV, IBP to Preamp, NaI DensityPROEA$65.00
3-0700-029Kit, Foundation Fieldbus, MS2011T/IEA$1,300.00
3-0700-041Card Cage Assy, DensityPRO Ultra - new PMT, Detector.. Integrated Version, No boardsEA$7,439.00
3-0702-011-0PCA, Power Supply, tested MS2011 no HV for TransmitterEA$1,729.00
3-0702-011-1PCA, Power Supply, tested MS2011 one HV for DetectorEA$2,765.00
3-0702-016PCA, LvDn Preamplier, RoHS (tested)EA$2,587.00
3-0702-019PCA, IBP MS2011, RoHS (tested)EA$2,352.00
3-0702-079PCA, RBP, MS2011, RoHS (tested)EA$1,618.00
3-0702-082PCA, LvDn ISIO,MS2011, RoHS (tested)EA$1,056.00
3-0702-095PCA, LCD, MS2011, RoHS (tested)EA$963.00
5500493/4" NPT to Metric PG 16 Conduit Adapter - M20EA$64.00
7-6000-029Cable, 16 POS, 2mm, 8" Long, RoHSEA$82.00
7-6000-030Cable, 14 POS, 0.1", 18" Long, S-S, RoHSEA$25.00
8-0700-008MS2011T Transmitter with Quick DisconnectsEA$8,065.00
CP1414712" pipe mount for transmitterEA$1,018.00
CP141471S2" stainless steel pipe mount for transmitterEA$996.00
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