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Parts for InterfacePRO Gauge

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3-0702-011-2PCA,Power Supply, tested MS2011 two HVEA$5,996.90
3-0702-019PCA, IBP MS2011, RoHS (tested)EA$2,822.40
3-0702-037PCA,Main CPU,MS2011 RoHS (tested)EA$2,686.04
3-0702-095PCA, LCD, MS2011, RoHS (tested)EA$1,251.90
3-0702-127Kit, Display Assy, MS2011TEA$792.00
3-0704-217Kit, Cable Assemblies, InterfacePRO EA$1,324.00
695-100017Reducer, 3/4 NPT to 1/2, ATEX Ni Plt BrsEA$25.00