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Parts for 6600 Plus TLD Reader

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View151935Pressuer sensorEA$95.00
View151936Pressure switchEA$100.00
View161462O ring cord .125 diameterEA$9.80
View161678Valve 24V EA$143.00
View23863PMT station model 6600EA$18,400.00
View23873Heater station model 6600EA$11,300.00
View24230Gear motor assemblyEA$1,020.00
View24269Model 6600 card down sensor ASEA$569.00
View26356Fan filterEA$32.00
View26768Photronics digital/analog I/FEA$5,075.00
View26802Gas heater control boardEA$1,240.00
View27227-2Cable assembly -I/F board, 5ftEA$335.00
View28576Transport controller board assemblyEA$3,670.00
View28864Motor drive PCB 6600/6600+EA$1,520.00
View288686600Plus S&S interface PCBEA$972.00