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Parts for 8800 Plus TLD Reader

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View151193Instrument power cordEA$54.00
View151313High voltage power supplyEA$1,930.00
View151935Pressuer sensorEA$95.00
View152120Power supply, triple outputEA$856.00
View152142Fuse, 7A SLO-BLOEA$9.80
View152195Power supply 24VEA$584.00
View161528Min-E-Pitch chainEA$94.00
View161678Valve 24V EA$143.00
View170032Conn MHV cable crimp plugEA$98.00
View21646Cart full sensor board assemblyEA$413.00
View21675Gearmotor assembly, 8800EA$1,100.00
View21867Star shutter for export mechEA$395.00
View21916PMT station model 8800EA$29,500.00
View22000Carrousel assemblyEA$27,600.00
View23013Hot gas station assemblyEA$7,500.00
View23021Thermocouple (J-type)EA$142.00
View23801Positive zero sensor boardEA$1,480.00
View24077Cooler control board EA$3,400.00
View241361Carrousel position sensorEA$22.00
View241417Optical switch slottedEA$114.00
View24232Gearmotor assembly, shutter drEA$1,930.00
View26189Pinion assembly, PC, rack drive assemblyEA$1,070.00
View26547-1Transport controller PCB 8800+EA$3,500.00
View26768Photronics digital/analog I/FEA$5,075.00
View26802Gas heater control boardEA$1,240.00
View27227-2Cable assembly -I/F board, 5ftEA$335.00
View28817Drawer assembly, lensEA$1,710.00
View28864-18800 Plus SMT transport T M DEA$1,560.00
View28868-18800 Plus S & S interface PCBEA$1,090.00